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StazOn Studio Glaze applicator bottles in Emerald City and Gothic purple and logo.

Video Introduction

Product Overview

Votive candle holders made with plastic bowls and StazOn Studio Glaze by Renee Zarate.

StazOn Studio Glaze creates a stained glass effect on transparent surfaces including glass, acryllic and acetate. Use StazOn Studio Glaze Jet Black to make an outline of your design (resembling leaded glass). Once dry, begin to fill in with one of fourteen other colors of StazOn Studio Glaze to create your masterpiece.

StazOn Studio Glaze used to create handmade unique backgrounds with Palette Knives by Mary Prasad.

StazOn Studio Glaze can be used to embellish paper projects, producing a dimensional effect. Metallic Gold and Silver, along with Cotton White colors will produce an opaque effect with the other twelve colors revealing a beautiful translucent effect on your project.

Enhanced garage sale mirror using StazOn Studio Glaze by Roni Johnson.

Embellish home decor accessories with StazOn Studio Glaze to add a touch of color and pattern with that Clean and Simple look. It is recommended to clean these types of projects with a damp paper towel only.

Freebie syrup bottle being decorated by Alison Heikkila with StazOn Studio Glaze and a Doodlesdtix.

StazOn Studio Glaze is perfect for glass projects large and small. Beads and other jewelry can easily be transformed with a thin coat of StazOn Studio Glaze for creating the perfect accessories.


StazOn Studio Glaze is available in 12 colors that match the StazOn Midi line of ink, along with StazOn Metallic Gold and Silver and StazOn Opaque Cotton White

  • Creates a stained glass effect on transparent glass
  • Works on glass, acrylic, metal, paper, wood and other non-porous surfaces
  • Does not require oven baking
  • Apply directly from the bottle or use with a variety of tools such as DoodleStix and BrushStix
  • Try it with your favorite stencils

Quick tips for working with StazOn Studio Glaze:

  • Shake bottle vigorously before each use
  • Store at room temperature out of direct light
  • Wipe nozzle after each use and replace cap immediately
  • Drying time can be reduced with thin applications or by lightly heat setting with a heat gun from a distance
  • Not dishwasher or food safe
  • Not intended for use on items meant for extended outdoor or water exposure


Craft Test Dummies review of StazOn Studio Glaze

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