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On Point Glue fine-line applicator image and logo.

Video Introduction

Product Overview

Precision craft glue that eliminates the need to purchase separate adhesive, bottle and needle for unclogging. This all-in-one is the glue your stash has been missing.

• Water based, dries clear and is not stringy
• Super fine control for intricate shapes and small embellishments
• Remains flexible when dry and dry time allows ample time for placement after application
• Stainless steel 0.8mm applicator with built in anti-clog cap

on point glue precision tip with self cleaning applicator top

On Point Glue is fitted with a 0.8 mm stainless steel fine-tipped applicator for applying a fine line of adhesive with a non-clog feature built into the cap.

paper quilled flower clip made with quilled paper and On Point Glue for art journal or planner addict.

Jessica Litman uses On Point Glue to attach paper quilled flowers to a clip for her planner. 

Handmade "big hugs" card by Nadine carlier features Delicata Rose Gold ink blended and stamped as well as several die cut sentiments glued together with On Point Glue.

On Point Glue is perfect for gluing delicate die cut images and sentiments. Glue several layers together with ease to create a dynamic texture piece.

Handmade card featuring the sentiment "Saranghaeyo" which means "I love you" in Korean in yellows and greens with embellishments glued down using On Point Glue.

Perfect to glue down sequins and other embellishments. With the fine tip applicator you can get just a small dot on your cardstock to glue down those tiny, shiny, eye-catching finishing touches.

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