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Imagine Crafts

Edgy Projects

20 projects found
Handmade alien themed card made using fun mixed media supplies from Imagine.

Shimmery Greetings From Outer Space

How about a little out-of-this-world fun? WHen trying to come up with a unique card I thought of the theme aliens, so created this sky scene with shades of grey and silver and drew up some simple saucers to decorate the skies. In the video, you’ll also see how I fixed a goof and rescued the card front from a galactic disaster!

Electric Neon Hello Card

Layer Radiant Neon ink and stack die cuts with On Point Glue to create a dynamic textured look. 

Webbed Masquerade

Halloween party in your near future? No idea what you’re going to wear? No problem – grab a couple bottles of StazOn Studio Glaze, a bit of tulle and you’re in business. You can be the belle of the ball – or in this case Spiderella of the ball. Create your very own one of a kind mask and wow all of the spooks on All Hallows Eve.

End of Summer Surprise

For those of us in the U.S. the Labor Day weekend is a marker as the end of summer.  Most people do not have to work the following Monday so it is a time when barbeques and pool parties abound!  While we might be sad to see summer fading away there is the excitement of kids going back to school or just the change in the seasons.  If you are fortunate enough to be invited to a party of some sort you'll probably want to bring a small hostess gift.  This little bag fits the bill!  You can tuck small gifts inside like candles, candy, or how about some unique hot sauces to go with that steak?  The real kicker is that you can make it in a matter of minutes.

Stay brave. Stay strong.

It is a good time in history to be a woman. As a wise woman once said: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.” There are opportunities daily to show our support to other women who may be fighting battles that we are completely unaware of. Why not give that support with a card?

Girl Power!

Here’s a salute to all the women I know…and that goes for you! We don’t take credit for all the super things we do on a day to day basis…from stay-at-home mom’s taking care of homes, their family and all the extra errands that randomly pop up. To the working women who answer to many bosses and wears numerous hats. To the farm or ranch woman that rises before her husband to make sure he has what he needs to start the day. We are the people who keep it together, are a source of inspiration and touch so many peoples lives in little ways we may never know. Give yourself a pat on the back and let’s flex our muscles and show off our Girl Power!

Always In Motion

We all seem to have that one particular friend or relative who seems to be in perpetual motion every waking moment of the day.  Here is a gift tag that reflects their personality.  Not only are the doll eyes moving but the gears on the tag make us feel like there is movement too.  Fun to make and even more fun to give away, it can double as a bookmark.

Create Your Own Summer Travel Journal

Summer usually signals a break in our normal routines, be it a long vacation stay or perhaps just a few interesting day trips here and there.  Either way it is an opportunity for us to make some memories and preserve them in a handmade travel journal.  This simple, folded journal is crafted from a single large sheet of watercolor paper and colorfully decorated.  It contains pockets to hold ticket stubs and other pieces of ephemera.  The sturdy paper allows the traveler to paint, sketch and write about the journey along the way.

Stamped Serviettes

White is such an amazing blank canvas - from cardstock to canvas to fabric. White enables you to create and alter whatever you can dream up. For those special afternoon tea time treats on the patio I altered some white linen serviettes to make them a bit more special.

10 Ways to Use Delicata

Who knew that the Delicata 4 inkpad was so versatile? Heike shows 10 different ways to use the four metallic colors found in this inkpad: Golden Glitz, Silvery Shimmer, Bronze Burst and Celestial Copper.

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