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Imagine Crafts


41 projects found
Handmade green greeting cards with an ombre effect made using masks and a Kaleidacolor ink pad.

Easy Ombre Efffect with Masking and Kaleidacolor

I used some simple masking techniques with some Kaleidcolor Ink to create an ombre effect on these cards. To see just how easy it was to do, watch my video below to see how I did it. Enjoy!

A gorgeaus floral teal card made using brilliance and ultimate metallic inkers from Tsukineko as well as cute embellishements like sewing and a button.

Learn How to Use Inkers to Create Texture in a DIY Card

This month Imagine is celebrating terrific shades of teal and there are quite a few beautiful inks to bring to this party. I love teal and some of my favorite inks include a bit of shimmery goodness in them too. Let’s take a look at how to use these amazing colors with some unique techniques that include plastic wrap, texture paste and sewing to create a fun floral themed card.

Bless Our Nest

I realize that I have more bird, and bird related stamps than I care to admit, so I decided to literally pick 2 stamps at random and make something – it was really hard since I have an amazing collection to choose from. But it also inspired me to get creative and to actually use ones that have not seen the light of day in a while. I wanted to create some fun textures and so pulled out one of my new Kaleidacolor inkpads to play with along with some Creative Medium for some fun textured effects.

Happy Together

When I had these neon colors in my hands I couldn't resist the idea to create something fun and happy. In today's project I used the Amplifly over stencil to create design and texture, and Kaleidacolor ink to make a smooched water coloring for my background.  Come and see how I create these fun techniques for our Poetry Challenge.


Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

I suffer from a nearly lifelong love of poetry. Okay, the suffering? Not so much. The thing I love about poetry is that a single, simple well­turned phrase can take me someplace far away. Such is the case with much of the poetry by Robert Frost, but especially with his poem, “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

You're Super Old...And Cute!

New Year's for me is when you start a new year of life, a new opportunity, a new calendar or simply when you want to celebrate something new.  Today I created a special card for our New Year's Inspiration Challenge. It is a birthday card to celebrate a new year of life and on this card I am using fun techniques to create backgrounds, coloring stamped images and create textures over different materials. Come and enjoy with me!

Merry Wishes – Decorated Kraft Paperbag for Christmas Cookies

Everybody loves Christmas cookies! With Christmas right around the corner, I love to have several decorated kraft bags at hand to give my homemade cookies to family, friends or teachers. A pretty packaging makes the cookies taste even more delicious, doesn’t it?

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Burrrr, who’s a better authority about the cold than polar bears?  Nobody I know!

A bright and cheery Chrismas card featuring holly images stamped with Kaleidacolor.

A Colorful Merry Christmas

Christmas is soon coming and I really like how much depth and dimension can be achieved by using the vibrant and lovely colors of Kaleidacolor inks. Perfect for Holiday season :)


Winter themed card featuing a penguin image, lots of texture elements and snowflakes.

Across the Miles

Who says you can’t add texture without the bulk. This card is jam-packed with all sorts of fun textures and dimension both real and faux to create a treat for the eyes and hands.


Harvest Cornucopia Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving is a lovely time of year spent with family and friends but it’s also time to give thanks for the bounty of the harvest for the year. My family operates a small farm in Indiana and as farmers we like to take a moment to thank God for all that we have been able to grow and harvest during the year and pray for a favorable crop next year.  Here’s to all of the farmers that make a bountiful Thanksgiving possible…Thanks for all your hard work.

Fireworks in Fall

I love Fall.  My friends and family born between September and November always receive a Fall themed card. Today I am showing you how to make such a card and as an added bonus, I have used a little Creative Medium Copper to cover up a huge mistake. SAVE!

Ombre Butterfly Wash

Bringing Ombre into this century can't be any easier - simply grab your Kaleidacolor ink pads. I remember getting my very first Kaleidacolor ink pad some 15 years ago - yes you heard me that long ago - its the same one used here today and I am as much in love today as then, but realized that I don't use them often enough though. I love the rainbow colors and the possibilities these ink pads offer. Lets explore...

Stunning Kaleidacolor Cards - You'll never believe fast it was!

Cathy Andronicou shows you how to knock out multiple cards in one go. This stunning and time saving technique will have you creating wonderful holiday ready cards in no time!


How Could You

When the challenge came in to use Kaleidacolor ink pads I knew straight away exactly what I wanted to create. I adore this very old technique for creating a resist background and have found that Kaleidacolor is the only ink that will do this effect any sort of justice. I hope that you enjoy it too. Thanks for visiting.

Fluttering Watercolor Effects & Kaleidacolor

This vibrant watercolor inspired kaleidacolor card is a perfect pick-me-up for the Fall days!

10 Minute Beauty!

Fall is in the air…finally!  Sending thank you cards this time of year requires a palette of beautiful colors and this Easy Peasy Mr. Sneezy card can be completed in just a few minutes using a Kaleidacolor ink pad.

Fall Tissue Box

Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love making home decor items to display around the house. It seems like I have tissues in every room for the little noses that come to visit Nana. Though manufacturers are making the tissue boxes prettier these days, they still need my artistic touch.

Birthday Wishes

I love creating colorful cards and the same goes if it's masculine. I get inspired by colors and this fun Kaleidacolor (Blue Breeze) was the starting point of my card.

BBQ Settings

This is a fun project for the family to join in and help create. The labels have a purpose holding onto the flatware wrapped in napkins but also add to the party decor too.



Our "Thanks So Much" Card incorporates three different ways to use Kaleidacolor.



Sailboating at Sunset Card

An easy technique that creates stunning results with Kaleidacolor and Memento Luxe inks.

Anytime Card

A "Just Because" card for a special person in your life.


Brayer and Bokeh

Use this fun pattern (bokeh) to create an amazing background on your next card.

Vertigo Butterfly Card

Die cut and color Vertigo for beautiful card embellishments.



Find Your Way with Kaleidacolor

Use Kaleidacolor with a brayer and a stamp to make this fun card. 



Hot Rod

Make a masculine card for that special someone using Kaleidacolor inkpads and Fireworks! crafts sprays.



Kaleidacolor Tahiti

Kaleidacolor Tahiti makes a pretty palette for this "Thinking of You" card.



Making Multiples of the Same Card Perfectly

Use this quick and simple technique to create multiples of the same card over and over with perfect results each time.



Kaleidacolor Mermaid Card

Create this fabulous card with Kaleidacolor, Memento Luxe and colored pencils.



Dream, Inspire, Create with Kaleidacolor

A canvas banner dressed up with Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea makes a great home decor piece.

Kaleidacolor Resist with VersaMark

Create great resist effects with VersaMark and Kaleidacolor.



Kaleidacolor Watercolor Techniques

It's quick and simple to use Kaleidacolor inkpads to create watercolor backgrounds for a great splash of color.



Kaleidacolor Watercolor Happy Birthday

Create this fun and bright "Happy Birthday" card featuring colors from the Kaleidacolor Caribbean Sea palette.



Sign Your Love

Treat a loved one to a marinara "I love you" card with Kaleidacolor in Tomato Vine.

Kaleidacolor in Full Bloom

Create stunning backgrounds with Kaleidacolor Tomato Vine.

Party Fowl

Create this festive turkey to jazz up your Thanksgiving scrapbook layout.

Eiffel Tower Bezel Card

A bezel makes an unique card accent.

I Love Fall Card

A fall card with Kaleidacolor Creole Spice.

Kaleidacolor Thinking of You Card

Blend Kaleidacolor colors on an acrylic block to create a watercolor effect.

Overwhelmed by Your Kindness

A golden-hued, fall-themed "thank you" card with a masculine bent.

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