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Imagine Crafts

Fashion/Clothing Projects

18 projects found
A self adorned pair of canvas shoes in a floral pattern and pink colors

DIY Stamping on Canvas Shoes

I love altering and customizing things and shoes are one of my favorite things to upcycle. In today's video, I show you how to take an inexpensive pair of plain white canvas shoes and stamp them with various floral images. I used Versafine Clair and Fabrico Markers for this project. One of the coolest aspects of this project is that you can choose whatever stamps and images that are best for you!

Webbed Masquerade

Halloween party in your near future? No idea what you’re going to wear? No problem – grab a couple bottles of StazOn Studio Glaze, a bit of tulle and you’re in business. You can be the belle of the ball – or in this case Spiderella of the ball. Create your very own one of a kind mask and wow all of the spooks on All Hallows Eve.

DIY Stamped Retro 50's Apron

I knew I wanted to make an apron the minute I received these fun retro kitchen stamps…stamping on fabric? Yes you can, with the help of Memento Luxe Ink Pads and Fabrico Markers it’s a snap. I was able to stamp, highlight and even dye the ruffled trim with ease. You can stamp and sew an apron from scratch as I have done or simply purchase a pre-sewn, plain apron to embellish.


Show Your Spirit

Flag Day is huge in my household. Besides getting old Betsy up on the flag pole, it is my Mom & Dad’s anniversary, my sons birthday, and on my Daughter in Love’s side, it is her mom & dad’s anniversary and her brothers birthday. (Do you have a special date in your family where everything just seems to happen?) Show your patriotism this Flag Day by dressing up a pair of jeans or capris with a stencil and a little ink. As a bonus, you are all set for the 4th of July also! :)

Summer Lilies T-Shirt

Cathy Androinicou is here to show you how easy it is to make your very own summer lilies shirt using our All-Purpose Ink & other Imagine Crafts products. This can be a perfect new addition to your summer wardrobe or gift.

No Fuss DIY T-Shirt

Do you have some old T-Shirts in the closet that you never wear because they are just too plain? Dress them up with a stencil and an ink pad. The first swipe of ink always make me nervous (it is a $3 t-shirt after all), but then we you see your shirt coming to life, it is super fun!

Floral Summer Tank

My summer wardrobe is full of boring plain shirts, how about yours? This year I was so happy to receive some of the gorgeous Memento Luxe inks and have quite literally gone to town jazzing up my clothes with my favorite images. I love the idea that no one will ever have the same top on as me. What is even better, I love to cosplay and dress up. We make many of our own costumes, the possibilities of fabric designs has now been blown wide open with this fabulous ink!


Summertime Men's Shirt

Is your husband or son still thinking your hobby is just for women? I've made a men’s shirt, perfect  for summer time, that will convince them otherwise! Since Martin (my husband) has seen it he’s attended to my colors, stamps and stencils in a whole new way. This shirt is a great way to involve everyone in your crafting endevours. 


Juicy Watermelon Tank Top

A delicious DIY tank, just in time for summer!

Vintage Bridal Hair Clip

I can’t sew but that doesn’t matter, there are tons of possibilities to create individual fabric projects without using a sewing machine. Go along with me and let’s discover them. More and more couples decides to celebrate a vintage themed wedding. Vintage weddings are kind of romantic and elegant with a touch of past times. It can be defined very individually but the romantic touch is always presented. This really romantic sparkling flower clip can be used in several ways: the bride’s hair, the groom’s buttonhole or, in a bigger dimension, as wedding bouquet, or for any decoration.

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