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Layering Inks to create New Colors

Radiant Neon inks offer a vibrant, eye catching color palette. The creamy ink creates great stamped images and they blend very well together. They also have a unique quality in that they are transparent which is a bit surprising for such a bright color palette. This aspect of the Radiant Neon inks invites you to layer one color over another to create an entirely new color. In order to help remind me of these fun layered combinations I made Color Addition Cards and you can too!
Making the cards is fun and easy but making up the new layered color names is even more fun! Experiment, create and enjoy!

Layering Inks to create New Colors

Experiment with layers of color by laying down the foundation color on cardstock. Allow the initial layer of color to dry completely either naturally or speed drying with a heat tool.

One by one layer on a second color of ink over the initial color of ink.

Decide which new color combinations you would like to save and recreate.

Transfer these color combinations to the cheat sheets and choose a new color name for the creation.

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