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Make a Delightful Lapis Blue Jar

Neva shows you how to use StazOn inks to color votive glass. 

The color challenge for April at Imagine is the stunning deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli. With a little research, I discovered that it is semi-precious stone used in ancient mosaics and as a pigment in many well-known paintings. It most likely is what is referred to as sapphire in Biblical times as the sapphire was not known at that time. I was inspired to create a mini Lapis jar from a votive candle holder and large glass drop fashioned into a lid. This simple project is only time-consuming due to dry time and the results are very realistic.

Using StazOn to color votive glass

Step 1

Apply StazOn Opaque Cotton White directly to the surfaces of the votive candle holder and the glass drop.

StazOn Opaque to use as a base coat.
Step 2

Use and Ink Blusher to gently move ink and cover the surface of the glass. Set aside to dry.

StazOn on glass

Step 3

Place StazOn Azure on a plastic surface (for ease of clean-up) and gently apply to the surfaces with an Ink Blusher over the StazOn Cotton White. Work quickly to prevent picking up the Cotton White, some variation will add to the realistic look of the project. Set aside to dry.


Step 4

Add GlazOn Layer Protectant to each surface with an Ink Blusher. Set aside to dry.

Lapis Blue Jar is starting to take on rich color.

Step 5

Apply a second layer of StazOn Azure with an Ink Blusher. Set aside to dry. Apply a second layer of GlazOn and set aside to dry, each successive layer requires more drying time.

gold ink on blue

Step 6

Place StazOn Metallic Gold on a plastic surface (for ease of clean-up) and apply with crumpled cling wrap to the surfaces to mimic gold flecks in the Lapis stone. Set aside to dry. Apply a final coat of GlazOn and set aside to dry. Stain a small wood bead with StazOn Azure and set aside to dry. Thread wire through bead and twist into a fixture. Adhere to the lid with E600 adhesive. This Lapis and Gold glass jar would make a great addition to a table setting or coffee table with matching ceramics or white flower arrangements. Enjoy!

by Neva Cole




1 hour

Materials Needed




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