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Multi-purpose Squeegee

Our Multi-Purpose Squeegee is a three-edged craft tool for creating custom backgrounds and patterns. Spread it, swirl it, you name it! The rubber edge of the Squeegee provides for even and thin applications, while the Squeegee’s textured edge provides a “tooth” in applications of thicker mediums. The Mini-Squeegee is a portable and versatile craft tool. The one inch width of the Mini-Squeegee makes it ideal for applying GlazOn layer protectant and Creative Medium. It is also very handy for ensuring even coverage of ink when refreshing inkpads. Keep several on-hand for inks, adhesives and gel mediums.

Both sizes are great for mixed media. Both can be used with antiquing solutions, paints, stains, dyes, inks, acrylics, gel mediums and liquid adhesives. Use on paper, fabric, metal, canvas, plastic and many other surfaces.

Product dimensions:
Multi-Purpose Squeegee packaged: 7 x 5.33 inches (178 x 135 mm)
Multi-Purpose Mini-Squeegee packaged: 2 x 4 inches (51 x 102 mm)

Multi-Purpose Squeegee

Multi-Purpose Squeegee
$2.99 each

Mini Squeegee<br>4 piece pack

Mini Squeegee
4 piece pack

$2.98 each

Mini Squeegee<br> 25 piece bulk pack

Mini Squeegee
25 piece bulk pack

$8.50 each

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