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Smudgee Foam Applicator

The reusable Smudgee applicator has a myriad of craft and artistic uses. Shaped like a mitten, and designed to be worn on four fingers, the Smudgee features dense, absorbent foam. Use this tool for dabbing ink, chalks and other mediums onto your artwork and mixed media projects. The Smudgee is brilliant for blending colors on a palette and then applying to your surface! It is easily cleaned with our All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner.

Product dimensions:
Packaged Smudgee: 5.4 x 4.1 x .067 inches (137 x 104 x 17 mm)

Smudgee <br>25 Piece Bulk

25 Piece Bulk

$74.99 each

Smudgee<br>1 piece packaged

1 piece packaged

$3.24 each

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