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Jessica Litman

Jessica Litman

My name is Jessica and I love all things organizing, crafting, and decorating! I am also the founder of the blog, The Organized Mama, where I write about organizing tips, crafting tutorials, and decorating tricks.

When I’m not organizing or crafting, you can find me playing with my kiddos, husband, and fur-baby. As a professional organizer, writer, wanna-be decorator, crafter, exclamation-mark enthusiast, lover of creativity, and reality-TV junkie, I can easily find ways to keep myself busy. 

Born and raised in Minnesota, Indiana Hoosier at heart, and calling Illinois home, I consider myself a Midwest girl. In my previous life, I was an elementary school teacher turned special educator. I decided to become a stay-at-home mom, when my son was born. Then, as I was organizing and crafting during naptime, I decided to start a blog, where I use creativity and order inspire joy in the every day!  Since then, the blog has turned into an organizing and crafting business!

I started crafting as early as I can remember. My mother grew up on a farm in small-town Minnesota, so she was always sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember. Whenever we would go visit my grandmother, she would teach me different things such as needlepoint or crochet. When I was in middle school I started exploring with stamping.  Then in high school I loved paper crafting.  Throughout college I created scrapbooks of each year I was in school. 

After college, I became a teacher and I would always use creativity in all my lessons. I would create games or projects to spark their imagination. It was always something I enjoyed doing. Then, when my kiddos were born, I created an art area for them.  I love encouraging creativity, whether it be painting, scrapbooking, coloring, or knitting!

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